SGW Snipers is a group of crazies with a fun twist. A game where we have fun and chat about anything or show how to get to one hard place on and off Map, Glitches, or even in house tournaments. Please keep it tasteful.
We get competitive against players that hide in glitches, modded controllers and players that just plainly just spawn kill. We will put you in you're place within the game.
Some events to try. Challenges, tournaments, and mini games we designWin prizes in tournaments like Xbox live cards, headsets, games and more.
Also check out more deals at SGW Snipers Facebook Page for other deals and event info and charity fundraisers.
Private message Admin for gamer Xbox live gold cards if you want discounts. As Admin is a Game Center Owner.
Please keep page free from religious and political views. Just not the place for it here. Thank youTrying to keep this page fun and enjoyable for everyone. 
New merch coming this July.  

Clan Rules

Gaming currently supports Xbox One recruiting for the following games:

If you would like to join are clan group email: (subject line: clan SGW) or click on the game below and go to the clan page.

Xbox One Games:

Sniper Ghost Warrior, Rainbow Six Siege, COD Warfare 

     As the roster size expands, more games will be supported in the future.

Here, we have just a few rules to follow:

Be at least 16 years of age. Have a working mic (sometimes during important scrimmages we may need to communicate to you. You don't have to be a chatterbox if you don't want to.) Try to attend at least 1 casual or competitive operation a month. (Casual being defined as just playing with other roster members anytime when online. Competitive meaning a planned event with a set date and time such as a recruitment or training operation and/or Clan Wars.)

     We know how important it is to have a strong foundation for our roster members.  We have been apart of an unstable clan. One that burned and crumbled to pieces from the top down, leaving its members in the ashes. That is why the founders of have regrouped to form a solid division with strong leadership and a willingness to rise above all challenges. We promise to stay together as a community, keep gaming fun and relatively simple, and provide a website that aims to be a central hub for all team related information.

Code of Conduct

General good and respectful behavior is expected from all members of our community towards one another.  We try to implement a fun, crazy yet serious gaming environment, but will not tolerate the following:

Racism of any kind, Sexual Harassment towards any our members. Harassing any members with obscenity or threatening remarks.

This non-tolerance policy will also apply to the Facebook, Xbox Party Chat, and other forms at all times.

Any member(s) that have a personal problem or dispute with another member needs to have such issues settled outside the public view.

Any members that do not adhere to our code of conduct rules can be consequently punished and banned from team events and/or community. 

Requirements and Activity Guidelines

16 years of old is our strict age requirement to join.  No exceptions.

Having a microphone to communicate is heavily recommended, but not mandatory. Not having a mic will only limit your ability to participate in many competitive events that we may have.

Staying active and checking in on our website is essential.  Our website will keep up to date with happenings within our community, scheduled events for you to attend and any messages that might be sent to you from commanders or other members.  So we ask that you check our website on a regular basis. 

We also ask that you try to fit in a scheduled community event once a week which could be either a practice, scrimmage and/or tournament.  Even a casual get together with other members is acceptable if you are unable to attend any other events.  We just want to make sure you are active within our community in some aspect.

We encourage all new members to introduce yourselves in the forums.  Not only will this help us to get to know you but it will show your willingness to be apart of our community.

Forum, Facebook page and Xbox Party and other forms of communication  Rules

Moderator mandated rules as follows:

Respect Every Member,

This is the one big rule - respect the other members who share the Forums with you. You may not agree with what they have to say - likewise, they may not agree with you. So agree to disagree, mild argument is fine just use common decency. Anyone who is found to be flaming or launching personal attacks against other Forum members may be subject to a temporary to permanent ban. The Forums are meant to provide an enjoyable experience for all - so don't abuse them and each other.

Discrimination and Swearing,

There are no set rules against the use of profanity in the Forums, however members only really apply it where appropriate. Inserting swear words in every post doesn't make a user look "tough" or "clever". In fact to most people, it comes across as a literacy deficiency. Posters who frequently use excessive levels of profanity may be cautioned to tone it down. Now the unbreakable rule, in no way will the usage of racial, religious, ethnic or sexual discrimination be allowed on our forums. This will lead to permanent banning.

All moderator decisions concerning any of the above situations are final.

     So feel free to browse the site, ask any questions you want, and sign up for our recruitment page if you feel this community is right for you.  Thanks for your Time!

                                                                                                    Sincerely,                                                                                                        Scouter603